Sunday, January 16, 2011

Afterlife Reject Doll Brain Storming

We are Brain Storming new Afterlife Reject Doll ideas.  And, we would love to borrow some of your creative fabulousness.

If you could create your own Reject Doll anyway you wanted, what would he or she look like.  Costume ideas, accessories, sports teams etc.

Personally, I would really like to go totally nuts on one with mixed media. Maybe start with a White Reject and paint him different colors, with a super big crazy hat. Or, oh, that hat gives me an idea. How about a My Fair Lady Reject.

My 62 yr old Mixed Media Art mommy, is dying for us to make her a Queen Elizabeth Reject, with the collar and crown.

Catilyn has plans for a Gothic Reject and is working on a sleepy time set, and Naomi is making us leather 'Mad Hatter' Hats.

Please don't be shy, we really do want to hear your ideas.  And who knows, one of you may get your wish, and Receive your dream Reject.  Especial if you would be willing to send us pictures of you and your new Reject  to show off. lol


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