Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What are Afterlife Rejects

Afterlife Rejects are Weird, Strange, little Dolls. OOAK and handmade. Rejects are born with open hearts, minds, and arms. Reject Dolls are oddball individuals.

Afterlfie Rejects were born due to our Economy. I am a Painter and sold art. But when the economy started to roll down hill people could not afford expence art. Then the main highway through our entire area was closed for over six months due to a rock slide and all tourist traffic to the area went with it. Lots of local buisness closed down including a Ryans, Rental stores, clothing stores, and Rafting companies. We had to think quick. What can we make that only the locals could afford and would buy. After several trail and errors Afterlife Rejects were born.

It was a little over a year age that Afterlife Rejects first hit local stores and fairs and they were a big hit. So we decided in October of 2010 to go worldwide and open our Etsy Store. Within days of opening our store we had a family emergency and delayed our big opening untill just before Black Friday.  We discovered the World loves Afterlife Rejects as much as we do and we struggled to keep up with sales during December.

Afterlife Rejects are run, owned, and operated by our creative family members. Mom (thats me - Sidhe Kalas, two daughters (Catilyn and Naomi) and our son (Laurence), even the daddy (that would be my hubby) gets the help stuff on busy days. We live in the heart of the Smokey Mountains between Knoxville, TN and Asheville, NC in the great metropolis of Cosby, TN.

Cat and I take care of most all Reject Business and Naomi now has her own line of crazy dolls called OMYS.

We are a very close knit family. It is normal for us the have to wait weeks in scheduling vacations so that the grown kids and grandparents are all included. Our favorite vacation is a day trip to the zoo or the hour and half ride to a city big enough to get some organic food. lol  We are foodies at heart and have a house that is so full of books that it looks like a library. 

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