Etsy & Custom Orders

We love Custom Orders

Custom Orders can be placed through our Etsy Store, or send your specifics or questions to our email ( .

Need some ideas or inspiration?

First, head over to our Etsy Shop and look through the store and the sold items.  You may find a Reject that you love and want something added to.

Second, we love a challenge. Cat and I began as Mixed Media artists (we paint, bead, sculpt, paper craft and lots more)  and love to try new things and are happy to go crazy on your Reject.
Here are a few ideas for your Reject:
Glitter and Sparkles: some Rejects really need their Bling
Fairy Wands, Crowns, Tutus, : Prince, Princess, wonderland
A Cape? superhero,  robinhood, or victorian lady
Grungy, Dirty looking, or Primitive
Extreme Primitive (these can get Really Ugly)
Does your Reject need a baby or little stuffie? What kind? puppy, teddy bear, rag doll
How about a mixed media Reject ( yes we can do this and with pleasure)
Maybe a Boy Reject in a Tutu
or a Girl Reject in overalls
Is Child Friendly Important (meaning no buttons or other chock ables)
Is your Reject a clothes hog?
Eco Friendly Rejects - totally recycled
Extreme Eco Friendly - made from all natural materials and recycled
Hippie Rejects - one  of  Our dear friends Tye dyes
A Family of Rejects : what does your family look like
Rejects for a Cause - Example Pink  for Breast Cancer Awareness or a puzzle piece for Autism
We've even made a Reject covered in Tatoos

Accessorie Ideas
little friends
Tote Bag to put your Reject in
Reject Quilt
Pretend Food - What kind?
fishing pole and fish
books or notebooks
specific types of clothes

We are always coming up with new ideas and will add to the list. Let us know if you think of new ones ideas.