Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tucker is Featured in The KnoxMoms Magazine

Afterlife Rejects are being Featured in this months issue of KnoxMoms Magazine. Yeah

For everyone who is not local here's what it reads.

"This Month We're Loving" Section

Sidhe Kalas and her 16-year-old daughter Naomi (she makes the
Omy dolls) create lovable dolls like “Tucker,” pictured here, and
available for $7.50. The dolls are born with mismatched eyes and
oddball features, but they’re ready to cuddle. Make them yours! If
you’re looking for a custom doll, perhaps with extra sparkles or glitter,
contact Sidhe, who will create one just for you. Suitable for ages 5
and up,

Tucker has sold is now on his way to Texas to live with another Reject named Sadie.
Perfectly Imperfect Dolls


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